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Let's face it, it's not nearly as much fun going round with your head in a book.
Our guides are experts at bringing periods and places to life, they give you an insider's point of view, meaning you take home an experience, not just words on a page.
Cecilia Masaracchia is Tour-Vicenza's main guide, she is an Official Tour Guide for Vicenza and the Veneto Villas Cecilia Masaracchia is Tour-Vicenza's main guide, she has over ten years experience in the field and is an Official Tour Guide for Vicenza and the Veneto Villas, selected and accredited by the provincial authorities.

Daily Walking Tours - The ideal introduction to Vicenza. Two tours each day conveniently meet up at the train station and cover the most important sites. Choose either morning or afternoon itinerary, or both for a full day out.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are planning a visit to Vicenza, you can sign up here for a tour with an officially certified and accredited tour guide. Let’s face it a guided tour really brings periods and places to life, it’s just not the same as going round with your head in a guidebook. Guides are experts at helping you make the most of your available time, and have an inside knowledge of the area, that no book can ever match.

" Only by experiencing these buildings can one appreciate their value, because they fill the eye with their true greatness and presence, and satisfy the spirit with the beautiful harmony of their dimensions."

J. W. Goethe on Vicenza

1. Vicenza Historic Centre
Covers Vicenza's famous town centre and its UNESCO protected heritage sites. We learn about Palladio and the age that produced such architectural wonders, as well as the earlier Venetian gothic and typical medieval styles.

Time allowing, the following sites are included:

Piazza Castello, Torre degli Scaligeri, Palazzo Bonin Longare, Piazza Duomo, Casa Pigafetta, Piazza dei Signori, Basilica Palladiana, Palazzo del Capitanio, Chiesa di San Vincenzo,Monte di Pietà, Palazzo Thiene di Lorenzo da Bologna Chiesa di Santo Stefano, Palazzo Sesso Zen Fontana, Palazzo Negri, Palazzo Thiene di Andrea Palladio, Cà d'Oro, Palazzo, Cogollo Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Chiericati, Palazzo Barbaran Porto, Palazzo Porto Breganze, Palazzo Colleoni Porto, Palazzo Iseppo Porto.

Note: On Mondays both the Chiericati and Olimpico are closed, so explanations are given from outside.

Meeting Point: Train Station Arches
Normal start time: 10 AM (or as per your confirmation e-mail
Approximate tour duration: Two and a half to three hours      


2. Villas and Monte Berico
This tour touches on both of the two glorious country villas that are accessible on foot from Vicenza town, and includes a visit to Monte Berico, with its majestic hilltop basilica and panorama of the Province.

From the station we make our way up to the shrine of Monte Berico (approx. 25 minutes), arriving via the same routes taken by pilgrims for over 400 years. We visit the Basilica and view its important works of art, such as Veronese’s masterly Feast of Saint Gregory the Great. After a brief stop to take in the views of Vicenza and Province, we make our way over to the Villa Valmarana (approx. 20 minutes ), we stroll the palatial grounds, and those who wish can enter to view the famous frescos by Tiepolo and other masters. From here our route takes us to the Riviera Berica (approx. 20 minutes), where the tour concludes at the hillside view of The Rotunda (La Rotonda), acknowledged by many as Palladio’s greatest masterpiece.

Note: 1. On Mondays the Valmarana is closed, so explanations are given from outside. 2. In order to cover the most interesting sites, the tour involves plenty of walking in a short time, and therefore is not recommended for those who could find this difficult or unsuitable. 3. The tour concludes approximately one mile from town, from where you can either continue to explore the Riviera Berica area and countryside, or take the pleasant walk back; you may also take advantage of the public bus service, for which tickets (about €1) can be purchased nearby, or previously at the train station.

Meeting Point: Train Station Arches
Normal start time: 3 PM (as per your confirmation e-mail)
Approximate tour duration: Two and a half to three hours      


Terms of Service and Pricing

  1. Tour-Vicenza.Com guides are fully qualified and licensed, official tour guides for Vicenza and the Veneto Villas. Should our main guide become unavailable, the tour will be conducted by a guide chosen only from the official provincial listing and licensed for your chosen language.
  2. By signing up for a tour, the customer agrees to all terms herein and further undertakes:
    - To honour any bookings submitted to the system and to reconfirm these by e-mail when asked to do so shortly before the tour date.
    - To respect fellow travelers, by logging-in and canceling a reservation absolutely as soon as an impediment to participation arises, and normally no later than 5 days prior to tour date. Likewise should the date or time need to be modified for any reason then the customer will be duly notified by e-mail
    - That when signing-up other members in their group, they have correct authority to do so.
  3. Where applicable, admission fees to sites are not included. These are entirely optional and typically no more than 5 or 6 Euros per person (depending on party numbers and other factors). Vistors wishing to remain outside a site can rejoin the party afterwards.
  4. Tour participants wishing to enter churches and places of worship are advised, where necessary, to to carry light garments for temporary use, as it is a requirement to be appropriately dressed.
  5. Tour-Vicenza's online booking system provides travelers with the facility to join a scheduled tour at exceptional prices. Though you may join a tour (where available) at any time, even the same day, all tours are reviewed well in advance to make sure they have a sufficient number of participants and all signed-up participants receive updates automatically. Where a tour is oversubscribed online bookings take precedence and in the order of sign-up. The standard price is 12 Euro per person, payable immediately prior to the tour departure, except in the special case outlined by the following point, where it is no more than is required to meet the current standard half-day tariff published in the official provincial listings. Participants are expected to arrive with the required spare change, so as not to hinder the tour departure.
  6. Generally we find that most travelers are honest and courteous with regard to other travelers and their bookings. However from time to time it can happen, even for reasons beyond their control that members of the tour party fail to arrive, affecting the total number. To counteract this possibility, the system is designed to ensure that each tour party is well above the minimum number. However as a necessary safeguard, in cases where the final turnout, as calculated at the time of departure of the tour, numbers no more than 7 participants, tour guides may adjust the tariff to meet the current standard half-day tour tariff published in the official provincial listings and guides, just as participants, are under no obligation to proceed.
  7. Tour-Vicenza.Com is an information resource for visitors to Vicenza and a facility providing visitors wishing to take a tour with the means of forming an appropriately sized tour party with like-minded travelers. Accordingly, none of the services provided are to be construed as those of a tour operator, as pertains to all aspects and including, but not limited to, travel arrangements or travel insurance which are the traveler's responsibility and conversely, no contractual arrangements are implied other than those concluded in person immediately prior to the commencement of each tour. Information provided is accurate to the best of our belief, however no warranty of fitness or accuracy is implied and any reliance upon is entirely at the risk of the user.
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